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DIY Ombre Hair at Home


Stop perusing those millions of Google results for “at home ombré.”

L’Oréal Paris has got you covered for 2013, with the first-ever DIY ombré hair color kit, deemed “so easy a child could do it.”

L’Oréal Paris’s Hair Color Innovation 2013 event, and along with learning how to do the perfect at-home ombre dye job, showed a serious yen for what is certain to be the “it” color of 2013: Red-infused hair color with slightly lighter ends.

Here’s how:


Make sure your hair isn’t tangled. You’ll need smooth hair to brush the product through.


If you aren’t sure where to begin the fade, start by your mouth.

You can control the color gradation from your natural base, depending on how long you leave the product in (anywhere between 20-45 minutes.) Do a test strand, aiming for 20 minutes and check it every 5 minutes to see how you like the color.

Worried about brassiness?

If you only want a slight color change, 20 minutes will be your ideal time frame.

To make sure your hair color is lifted enough and you bypass that dreaded orange phase, you may need 40-45 minutes.

For a more delicate application, wield the brush vertically, to coat only specific strands. For a more intense look, wield the brush horizontally to cover more ground.

Don’t get too carried away with too many light pieces.

It’s the contrast that makes ombré look the best. It’ll be like chocolate. You’ll get so happy as you’re doing it, you’ll keep adding it like, mm, munch, this is so good.

But you’ll have to control yourself so you don’t get carried away.

L’Oréal’s ombré hair kit is available in three shades, for the lightest blonde to the darkest brunette.

L’Oreal Paris’s newest hair color shades in its Superior Preference Paris, Healthy Look Crème Gloss, Excellence Crème, and Feria Red launch in drugstores nationwide February 2013. 



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  3. savhanna on

    The ombre shouldn’t ever be done at home go to your closest professional or even a beauty school and stop buying box dye

  4. Wow, people sure do have a lot of money to throw down the drain. I do everything with my hair by myself. It’s really not that hard if you just read the instructions and have common sense. I dye my hair for only 7 dollars instead of ridiculous salon amounts…

    • I’m sure your hair is in “great” condition, and your color turns out perfectly every time. Uh huh. Go ahead and do an ombré on your own hair, I’d love to hear all about how you went out and bought another $7 box of color to put over it after you ended up looking like an idiot. You get what you pay for, and I’m sure your hair looks like what you pay for it. And also, one day I hope you really screw it up and have to go to a salon for color correction… Wait til you see how much THAT costs!! Or, maybe you won’t have any hair left by then. Either way, I’d laugh, because clearly you’ve got it all figured out.

      • I do my own hair all the time, and actually it dose turn out just like i want it. Been to the salon twice spent over 200 bucks each time and they F it up. I spend 7 bucks for the hair dying kit at home, get it right on the first try. and yes my Hair is healthy. I’m always getting compliments on it. So really , really stop being an idiot thanks 🙂

      • just because you can’t figure out how to do your own hair doesn’t mean that others are intelligent enough to figure it out. yeah box colors from Walmart are not the best but it is damn hair! and 85$ for a salon and 2-3 hours waiting? nah i can be in my bathrobe relaxing in a bath tub with a glass of what the hell ever and have my hair done for like 5-20 bucks and if you know how to make things last longer it will go for a few touch ups. But it is very clear that you have it all figured out champ.
        FYI. My hair is in the best condition it has ever been, many many hair dressers are always amazed by it. It is called research.

        • You pay someone to fix your car…. you pay someone to fix your plumbing…. pay someone to fix your hair! I am I saying that every single hair stylists in every single salon is a creative genius? No. But there are the ones that work their asses off to become established and to know what they’re doing and those are the stylist that you need to find. you can find them through referrals and reading reviews online but blindly calling some random salon and asking for no stylist in particular you’re probably going to get a hack jobbecause they’re going to give you to the newest girl who’s pure beauty school and trying to build a clientele.try that for research and if you still get f***** over then you’re going to the wrong salons.I’m sure your hair feels super healthy with all the silicon (only coats the hair) that panteen throws into there b******* watered down products on the shelves at walmart. but believe me when I say that one day when you’re no longer young and long hair is no longer flattering you’re going to need a stylist to put you in that super cute pixie haircut that’s age appropriateand actually makes you look younger you’re going to need a stylist to do that for you. So take your moneystop investing it in a b******* company like f****** Walmart who is only continually ruining the economic conditions that are forcing you to buy box dye in the first place and go to your locally owned Salon asked for a experience stylistso you can actually get your money’s worth and one day when you’re old and wrinkly and a good haircut is the only thing that will make you feel better you’re going to be glad you supported your local salon.

          • trisha Im not too sure which walmart you shop at but ive NEVER been “forced” into buying box dye.
            Not everyonr needs to go to a mechanic or a plumber. its called common sense…you should see if walmart has some for sale! oh wait youre too good to shop there. yea some stylist work their asses off but so do we and i dont want to speak for everyone but id like to keep as much of that in my pocket as possible. spending $85-300 for someone to throw color on my hair is not possible in this day and age. maybe next time dont belittle us folk who rely on the crappy dye to make ourselves feel better around snobby little twats like you.

      • Brooke Burns on

        You hope she “really screws up her hair one day???” Wow…bitter much? Sounds like you have amazing customer service skills. Get a grip girl…

      • i always do my own hair and it turns out better than when i go to the salon. it costs $20 to do your own, and it saves time. plus, the people working at the salon don’t know exactly what you want your hair to look like, so home-coloring is the best way. ive never messed up my own hair, but when i went to the salon they fried it.

      • well actually. 15 years if cosmotology experience i think id know what im talking about. yes box color isnt as good as salon coloring but theres also the option of buying proffesional hair coloring semi permanent or permanent for a quarter of the salon price and a little more of the store bought price. it honestly depends on how you follow directions and your willingness to pay attention and have patience. you do get the color you buy amd sometimes people are happy with that. in the end its hair color not a life changing thing so get over the fact that some people cant afford 150 bucks for a hair makeover so 10-15 bucks does just the same. so stacey go fuck yourself

        • haha ty at least someone said it..ive been doing my hair since i was 14 im almost 26 now..ive made mistakes but i know how to fix them if something doesnt work out..and even on the things ive messed up on some people like it…i dont spend money on hair or nail salons i do it all myself. im the same way with hair cuts i do mine and my families. ive had my family who are in the business and and old boss who was in the business ask me why dont i get my license ..so someone without schooling can do it..im just not down for spending 200$ on a hair color i can also do myself id rather spend that on my kids..sometimes its better to do it at home and obviously the people who are against the do it yourself cant do it yourself.im done before i keep going urg some people i swear!!!!

      • I just got an ombre done at the salon, cost me $90, it was worth it. I did highlights before a few times dident look as good.

      • Wow why do you Care what she does if she limes doing it herself let her be why you gotta be such a bitch make no sense you do you and let her do her

      • I ombre my hair and dye it funky colors all the time. WITH box dye. I can’t afford to splurge on hair so I make it work for cheap at home. And guess what? Any hair dresser that’s cut my hair (because I get trims every two months) will vouch for me that my hair is in excellent condition. Perhaps you’re jealous that you can pay such a low price for fabulous and healthy hair? 😉

  5. I got my hair dyed ombré by a professional and I was watching exactly what they done and for a start you have to back comb your hair where you want the lighter colour to start so it fades in nicer and this tells you to brush your hair out and have no tangles. No thank you glad I went a professional

  6. DONT recommend this product, used this before and done it correctly and the time said and it made my hair bright orange! Awful

  7. Its all “box” dye. Its all made by the same companies, only its pre measured in the “box.” Its a basic haircolor for people who want basic results… and yes… Im a Cosmetologist 🙂

  8. Your hair turned orange because you started out with dark hair…. The underlaying base color of your hair was orange, a blue toner would have fixed that.

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  11. I wouldn’t recommend a DIY kit fir hair color as this could severely damage your hair in the long run. This kind of product penetrates metallic salts that compromise many other services that you might want on your hair.

    • Did you know that “DIY” hair dye is the exact same stuff they use in a salon? You just have to know how to use it, and which products you should be using on a daily basis, and which to use when using heat on your hair. My advice, don’t ever bleach your hair; that’s where the myth comes from. Bleach will actually “compromise” your hair; it causes it to be brittle, and it will eventually fall out if you continue to bleach. But ALL hair dye will cause some problems, not just the store bought kind.

      I’m a full time college student now. But when I was younger, I used to intern for a close friend of the family. All the stuff I know about hair, I learned from him. And he actually suggests that it’s better to use the stuff you buy in a box if you know how to use it. However, as a recommendation, use lots of Argon oil for the following week (especially if you’re planning on washing your hair), and after the first week use small amounts in the tips, and a larger amount when using a hair dryer or flat/curling iron.

      • Annabella on

        That is where you are wrong. You don’t lighten a hair color with color, you use lightener (aka “bleach”) and you aren’t suppose to lighten hair more than 2 shades without risking fairly bad damage. Argan oil although is a great product to use all the time except before chemical services, it smooths the cuticles down. And I’d beg to differ, professional products are much different, that’s why you have to have a license to buy them from shops.

  12. I’m 29yo and I’ve used box dye and also had the pleasure of having my hair professionally done. While I understand the importance of salon dye and that it’s healthier for you, the cost of a visit along with tip is too expensive for ME and the results aren’t always good neither. I’ve had about 5 salon dye experiences and 2 of them have been duds. However, one of those bad experiences had been precipitated by a box dye event. I had my hair dyed black for about a year and I was tired of it so I went to strip my hair (yes I know, momma always said never to do that). They used a new product on me and they literally melted my hair. I would assume that while using ANY product, they would know the outcome. My hair became slimy and literally broke with the slightest pull. They knew they fucked up because they didn’t charge me and they gave me a bunch of Redken products for free. The second experience was me going out of my comfort zone and getting highlights (I’ve always been a solid-chestnut girl). I went a strawberry blond with some blonde streaks and I LOVED IT. Seriously, loved it. Well, two days later it turned orange…ORANGE…only to go back to the salon and find out that a temporary dye, not permanent, was used on me. They tried to fix it but my hair kept coming out a solid auburn. Both of these salons were chosen through referrals too. Moral of this long ass story? Take care of your hair and enjoy your NATURAL color.

  13. I’ve done ombre on myself hundreds of times but I am a hairdresser lol but still to the point its soooo easy, but thid method is for the aweful straight line ombre, I suggest to scrunch the dye in the ends and then comb through. For really long hair start at chin and for short hair start at mouth. (Obviously not eating it hehe) took me about 3 attemps with bleach and toner on my really dark bobbed hair but deffo loved it

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  15. For those of you complaining about never getting what you want from a salon It’s called a proper consultation and your stylist will know exactly what you want unless your incapable of explaining yourself. And the reason for the high prices in the salon are because you are paying for a professional that has been trained and educated !!!! To get trained and educated hair stylists spend thousands and thousands of dollars and emense amounts of time and energy keeping up to date with latest trends and techniques. Stylists earn the money you are paying. If some people cannot afford going to a salon that is understandable but trying to argue that a fucking box dye color is just as good or ‘ better’ well you should probably shut the fuck up lol cause your stupid. If it works for you and saves you money that’s awesome ! But if you want your hair to look the best is possibly can find a well educated trained hairstylist . And no you won’t like every single stylist cause everyone has they’re own way of doing things so find one that BEST pleases you and stick with them !

  16. Why are all you women judging eachother? So the stylists don’t like that they are being told there are other methods and the DIYers are mad cuz they like doing things they’re own way and bring told there way is wrong……. AND??

    If u are a STYLIST and your MAD because ur sick of having to fix other people’s botched hair. … THAN FIND A NEW JOB OR HUSH! It’s your JOB to fix messed up hair, your supposed to educate people to do better for they’re hair not JUDGE THEM!

    And DIYers u women need to get a grip too! No matter who told u what: boxed dye is bad for your hair, no matter what brand or how good it looks! It’s all good if u do it but expect bad hair one day, period! If you want to spend a LITTLE more goto sallys and get their dye! It’s semi permanent but it’s the equivalent to salon dye. Don’t believe the hype and educate yourselves, most beauticians are RIGHT but their delivery is WRONG. Chose however u would like to do your hair but don’t chose to be ignorant or nieve of what box dye actually does…because your only hurting yourself.

    Get along ladies! Stay CLASSY.

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  21. I don’t think I (as in me not everyone lol) would try doing ombré or highlights on my own cause I would be scared to mess it up. It’s the same way, I wouldn’t cut my own hair. I watched a tutorial and cut my bangs one time and although everyone said they looked good, I knew they were uneven – lesson learned and salon fixed lol. I have dyed my own hair to one solid color when my time and funds is limited and it has looked good and healthy but I also go to the salon every once in awhile. Not only cause I like to explore different things but cause that’s my me time. I’m not the richest girl in the world and yes I agree, it sucks dropping 50-200 on a dye and cut but hey if you work hard for your money, you should be allowed to treat yourself. Everyone is different and has different views and opinions; this is simply mine ;). Do what makes you happy. If it’s a $7 box and you’re satisfied – awesome! If it’s $200 dye job – awesome. It’s just hair :).

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  23. Christen on

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  26. Cristina on

    Box dye and salon dye are in no way the same product. Box dye is a metallic salts based dye which is not great for hair and not used in salons. Color correction services are a big thing now since stylists have to correct what a home dye job can do to the hair. If you can’t afford a trip to a real salon go to a school. They have professionals there supervising the students and most times the work comes out amazing for super cheap. I dye my own hair using salon grade products. I do not use box dye ever on myself or others.

  27. Annabella on

    Me being in cosmetology school myself, I will say that professional products are MUCH better and are cheaper if you are a student or have your license. And I don’t mean from Sallys beauty supply, I’m referring to a place that requires you to show you are a student or have your license. Excusing her rudeness, but she is right about Wal-Mart products. Your hair may feel soft from all the silicon on it, but it causes buildup and your hair will still look somewhat unhealthy. Granted there are a lot of stylists that will screw up your hair, but also think that now days people can still cut hair in a salon WITHOUT a license. It’s only like a $500 fee every so often for no license, and a lot of people would rather pay that then go to school. My best advice is find someone that loves doing hair, not just for the money and they won’t overcharge you because they’ll enjoy it and do a good job =)

  28. Alright cheap or not cheap doesn’t matter everyone has their own way of doing things lol… I fix my own car, unless something huge like a new engine needs to be put in…. I’m my own plumber and if I don’t get something my husband is the next in line.. Now when it comes to my hair I go cheap and I get better results then I did going to the salon. I even go all out and trim cut my own hair to whatever style I want… I observe first and try it myself that is the type of autism I have… So why spend hundreds on a cut and dye job when all you wanted in the first place was a trim it’s not hard to do for most of us cheapies lol

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