Image Source: Fotoria © Sergey Nivens

How To Preserve Your Skin During A Flight


Especially now, during the summer, many of you are going on a holiday. You are all thinking about how amazing your holiday will be, the relaxation, the sun, etc, but you must know that before all of that you have to fly to your destination. However, all of us are too intrigued to reaching our point and kind of do not take into consideration, that during a flight our skin can be very badly damaged. The air in the plane is very dry, which leads to the need of constant hydratation before, during and after the flight.

Have you noticed how after a flight your skin is incredibly dry and you feel the need to moisturize it with a cream immediately? Or we have the other side when you think you are sweating, but actually it’s just that your skin has become very oily, therefore you immediately rush to the bathroom to wash your face? Both are not normal things to happen to your skin and it’s unnecessary. Thanks to a few simple tips, you will be able to preserve your skin during such events very easily.

Taking care of your dry skin

The air in the plane has very low moisture and that causes unfriendly changes to your skin. Never ever wash your face with thermal water during such a time. This is probably going to make it all worse.

Instead, apply a moisturizing cream during the flight and drink water frequently so both you and your skin are fully hydratated. Use a cream which is compatible with your skin’s character and you will not have to worry about anything!

Taking care of your oily skin

As can the dry air in the plane dehydratate the skin, so can it lead to a massively unneeded productions of sebum from the oily skin. That happens because the skin is afraid of dehydratation and increases its protection. It’s good to carry around matting napkins and using them when needed.

Right after the flight you must exfoliate the skin and apply a skin serum for your face. On the next day you can make a hydratating masks for your face, which includes Vitamine C, hyaluronic acid, which are also restoring ingredients.