Shoes for skinny jeans


We all love skinny jeans, but do we really know with what type of shoes do they look good? Here is one suggestion of shoes well matching with skinny jeans – the high heels.

Basic pumps with slightly pointed toes work best with skinny jeans, but if you’re not wafer-thin, you need to give consideration to the rest of your outfit as well.

Wearing high heels with skinny jeans helps to elongate the legs, so it’s natural that shorter women, and those with a few curves, would be attracted to the combination. But wearing skinny jeans with stilettos also creates a very narrow “base,” which of course means the middle of your body is going to look bigger by comparison.

If you want to avoid calling too much attention to your thighs and hips, or looking too much like a 50s pin-up girl, try adding a top that extends to at least your hips. Simple mini dresses, long casual tops, loosely-belted shirts, and longer jackets all work well with skinny jeans and heels.

But as we have previously said – comfort is what really matters so that you can not only look good, but also feel good.